Technical Specs for 304/316 Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Our cable ties meet most end-users, with choices covering a wide range in size and strength. The self-locking ball mechanism provides maximum strength and durability for securing all sizes of bundles and speeds up installation, lowering install cost.

Sharp edges and burrs are removed to protect bundle and make installation easy, fast, accurate and secure.

Cable ties are designed to optimise insertion ease and still meet or exceed all application strength requirements.

  • Material: 304 & 316 Grade Stainless Steel
  • Application: Mass transit, ship building, marine, mining, power stations, petro-chemical off-shore, underground cable laying, solar energy installation and other industrial uses
  • Working Temperature: -80 degs C to 538 degs C
  • Colour: Stainless Steel


  • Self-locking ball mechanism for excellent strength and durability
  • UV resistant
  • 316 grade excellent for highly corrosive environments
  • Fire & chemical resistant
  • High loop tensile strength
  • Smooth rounded edges suitable for all types of cable insulation
  • Non-flammable, water resistant / no absorption
 Item Code Width Length Bundle Diameter Tensile Strength
CT46X150SS-304 4.6mm 150mm 22mm 59.1kg
CT46X200SS-304 4.6mm 200mm 50mm 59.1kg
CT46X250SS-304 4.6mm 250mm 65mm 59.1kg
CT46X300SS-304 4.6mm 300mm 80mm 59.1kg
CT46X350SS-304 4.6mm 350mm 95mm 59.1kg
CT46X150SS-316 4.6mm 150mm 22mm 59.1kg
CT46X200SS-316 4.6mm 200mm 50mm 59.1kg
CT46X250SS-316 4.6mm 250mm 65mm 59.1kg
CT46X300SS-316 4.6mm 300mm 80mm 59.1kg
CT46X350SS-316 4.6mm 350mm 95mm 59.1kg
CT46X500SS-316 4.6mm 500mm 145mm 59.1kg
CT46X750SS-316 4.6mm 750mm 223mm 59.1kg
CT46X1100SS-316 4.6mm 1100mm 300mm 59.1kg
CT79X200SS-316 7.9mm 200mm 50mm 122.7kg
CT79X250SS-316 7.9mm 250mm 65mm 122.7kg
CT79X300SS-316 7.9mm 300mm 80mm 122.7kg
CT79X350SS-316 7.9mm 350mm 95mm 122.7kg
CT79X500SS-316 7.9mm 500mm 145mm 122.7kg
CT79X750SS-316 7.9mm 750mm 223mm 122.7kg
CT79X1100SS-316 7.9mm 1100mm 300mm 122.7kg
CT120X300SS-316 12.0mm 300mm 80mm 181.8kg
CT120X400SS-316 12.0mm 400mm 110mm 181.8kg
CT120X500SS-316 12.0mm 500mm 145mm 181.8kg
CT120X1100SS-316 12.0mm 1100mm 310mm 181.8kg

Disclaimer: All information above is supplied the manufacturer and to the best of our knowledge is correct & reliable. Customers should decide autonomously about application end use.  Under no circumstances is Cable Ties Direct or related companies liable for any damages, indirect or otherwise arising from the sale, resale, transfer, use or mis-use of the product. Liability is limited to the replacement of product deemed to have a manufacturing defect.

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